You can reach us every day on our phone number
from 10 am to 4 pm (Monday to Sunday).
After 16:00 you can book via

Prices are per couple, i.e. 2 persons
(third person is not allowed in the apartments)!

– 0-2 hours: 6.500 HUF (for 2 persons – of course you can book for more, but the minimum is 2 hours)

– 3 hours: 7.500 HUF (for 2 persons)

– 4 hours: 8.500 HUF (for 2 persons)

– 5 hours: 9.500 HUF (for 2 persons)

– 6 hours: 10.500 HUF (for 2 persons)

Payment can be made in cash or by bank transfer.

For bookings over 6 hours, please visit where you can choose the studio that suits you, and prices will be adjusted accordingly! Payment is then made by credit card.

Extra cleaning + 2.000 HUF. Other damages from 5.000 HUF!


“Because they help when needed” discount package for police officers:

1.000 HUF “public service discount” from the price of your booking if you show your ID as a policeman, soldier, disaster management, firefighter, civil guard, EC worker (e.g. paramedic, doctor, nurse)!

Cannot be combined with any other discount!


After 7 pm you can only book for the whole night (night price applies)!

We do NOT accept prostitutes, drugged or drunk persons in our apartments!

Please do NOT call us with a hidden number, we do not take such calls!