You can reach us every day on our phone number
from 10 am to 4 pm (Monday to Sunday).
After 16:00 you can book via www.amberstudios.hu

.Q: I read that after 7 pm you can only rent for the whole evening. Does that mean we have to stay there until morning?!

A: No! It means that after 7 pm you can only rent for the whole night and you can book via www.amberstudios.hu with a credit card.

Q: I broke something, what do I do?

A: If this happens, please let us know. Of course, the damage should be compensated.

Q: Can I use oil in my home?

A: No! The bed linen does not take oil well. The price for a set of mattresses is 5.000 HUF. So, if someone gets the mattress or bedding dirty (not just with oil!) to a level that cannot be removed by conventional washing, they will have to reimburse for the damage!

Q: Where can I throw my rubbish?

A: You can find a trash can in the kitchen, in the room. DO NOT put ashes and cigarette butts in the trash!

Q: Do we have to wash the glasses and plates we use?

A: No! Washing dishes is our job. You just have to have fun and smile! smile

Q: Where can I find linen and towels?

A: You will find the fresh bed linen on the bed, the towels will be made up. Important! There are usually towels and linen on the drying rack in the apartment (for continuous washing). Please use ONLY the made up bed linen! The price you pay includes a set: 1-1 towel, 1 sheet, and the pillow (all of which will be received on the bed ready made). DO NOT touch the drying ones. Thank you!

Q: Can I book by e-mail?

A: No, we only give information by email. You can only make a reservation by phone with a number! (We do not take hidden number calls!) So if you wish to book, call rather than email.

Q: Can I light a candle?

A: Due to fire hazards and difficult-to-remove tallow, CANDLE BURNING IS FORBIDDEN!

Q: My partner didn’t show up, something came up. What should I do?!

A: The reservation is considered a verbal contract! You cannot cancel the reservation within 24 hours! You have to pay it either that day or the next time (or you can transfer it)! If you cancel your reservation earlier (12 hours before the previous day, free of charge), it will be cancelled and there will be no financial consequences.

Q: We are late: We couldn’t find a parking space, there was a traffic jam in town, my partner didn’t show up at the agreed time, etc.

A: Punctuality is important for us! If you don’t arrive at the agreed time, we can’t wait for you because we have to go to the other apartments. (It would be unfair if someone else who arrives on time doesn’t get the key because YOU are late!) If you do the math: by the time he takes two more keys, it will take him max 1 hour to get back to where you are late. Keep that in mind! So the delay is YOUR responsibility. If you can’t pick up the keys on time, you should expect to get the keys to the apartment you booked only after 1 or 1.5 hours. This does not change the fee! In case you are late, let us know in time.  Thank you!

Smoking is prohibited!

Please make sure that the studios are clean and tidy, so that you can pick them up in the same condition next time!

Thank you!