Belvárosi Búvóhely

Desired and discreet hideaways for couples for a few hours
at a reasonable price in Budapest, in the city centre.
Location in the V. district, in Veres Pálné street. Safe and clean.
Air conditioned, blackout curtains on the windows.

You can reach us every day on our phone number
from 10 am to 4 pm (Monday to Sunday).
After 16:00 you can book via

If you have someone to talk to, but no place to go?

Our hideaways in District V on Veres Pálné Street are waiting for you.

If you have someone with you, but no where to go?!

Call us with confidence!

What do we offer?

Desired and discreet hideaways for a few hours in the city centre (District V. Shelters) in Veres Pálné Street.

A nice apartment for a couple of hours for couples looking for a hideaway.

A discreet studio for a few hours.

A real elite room and a sophisticated love cave for couples.